Graduate Program-軟件學院

Cultivation Model:

Software Engineering(SE) + X- orientation

Aimed to prepare top talents for Chinese government and Software industry, the school joins hands with the Office of Information Construction in Shaanxi Province and designs the MS program of E-government & Application Engineering. In this program, many students focused on the research question of E-government system development with their professors and several of them have been already promoted as the supervisor of E-government project in their working departments.

The school has established the collaboration with Aerospace Science and Technology Group,offering the program of MS in Aerospace / Aviation Software Engineering。This program, based on the designing and testing of Component-based embedded software,develops the advanced courses of Aviation / aerospace Embedded Systems Designing, Computer Simulation and Aerospace Electronic Integration. Over 85% students in this program prepared their thesis to answer the research questions that are highly welcomed by the industry and market.

The school has established various collaborations with many famous companies and schools, such as Kim Hang Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Science and Technology Training Center, Shandong Union University, Henan Yutong Institute of Information Technology and so on.

Aims to meet the talent demands of software industry development in Guangdong and Shenzhen , the school has collaborated with Northwest Industrial Technology Research Institute, Shenzhen Branch and developed high-level joint courses of Master Engineering Programs. The school has also cooperated with AVIC Professional Training center of Guizhou and provided an opportunity for students to perform a graduate level research as they prepare for entry into the Aviation industry and market.